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Medical Decision Support System (MDSS)

The system for the prediction and disease prevention
The basic information about the system

When we would know in advance from which disease a person may get sick, there would be enough time to take various preventive measures that the disease does not occur. Such a skill is called a events prediction. Precisely this developed system tries to solve this kind of tasks. The system assesses the risk illness based on the user's personal data.
This decision system is the result of research conducted in the artificial intelligence and medical domain. The developed system is designed for academic and medical community and also for the public community. The system allows to predict and calculate the probability that a person get sick for specific diseases. The assessment is carried out based on the entered personal information into the system. The system allows prediction for a number of different diseases. For each disease and her prediction process is defined by a set of attributes, whose values entered by the user. This system incorporates a variety of methods and algorithms of artificial intelligence with which the system carried out a process of prediction. The results achieved with the prediction can be understood as an indicator which suggests a person to take timely activities for disease prevention. The obtained evaluation test results of the system show that the system achieves a high degree of prediction accuracy (over 95%). Tests were conducted using public available data for certain disease, as well as data obtained from several medical institutions by long term monitoring of patients.

To whom is the system intended
  • Any person who has an interest in disease prevention and want to check whether you belong to a risk group for a disease,
  • Medical institutions which use a various IT solutions for disease prevention. The system can be used to upgrade existing applications with modules based on advanced prediction methods. Our experts can carry out harmonization of the existing system on the base of new institution requirements,
  • The research groups and individuals who have a need for scientific studies.

How does the system work?

MDSS system - The work of the MDSS system is based on the implemented hybrid classification model. The functionality and efficiency of the system is based on using a different machine learning methods. The system has ability to adapt and upgrade its functions depending on the type and characteristics of the disease. Authorized users can develop and test new prediction models for disease from their research domain in the online environment.

Many medical institutions have database about patients for monitoring of their treatment and for recording information about history of disease. On the basis of such information it is possible to form a model to predict the occurrence of certain diseases in the future patients with the aim of early prevention. Using the simple procedure through online access, authorized user can, on the basis this information, form a new prediction model. A MDSS system enable automated process of development the prediction model.
To new formed prediction model, the user can access through mobile application. The mobile application automatically detects system upgrade and expands the list of diseases for which user can performed online prediction. The user selects a model disease, writes personal information for attribute which characterize the disease. After entering data, the system starts the process of prediction and calculates in what percentage is possible occurrence of selected diseases.