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Today, mobile applications become an integral part of the business process of all successful companies. If you’re looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, our best app developers are at your service. We offer comprehensive and end-to-end Android app development services.
What you get with our custom mobile application development?
We help our clients achieve their business goals. We conceptualize, develop and enhance native mobile applications for global enterprises looking to integrate mobility into their marketing strategy.

Some of our projects

Overview of the latest mobile applications developed within IT projects

Disease Prevention
Android application - Health & Fitness

The application provides disease prevention and gives detailed analysis for diseases - diabetes type 2, prostate cancer, heart attack, stroke and colon cancer. On the base of assessed result, the app presents the proposal of preventive nutrition weekly menu for the selected disease.

Skin cancer risk prediction
Android application - Medical

The mobile application is designed as a support to determine the risk of skin cancer. The application is created on the basis of scientific research and development of a medical system for early prevention of various diseases.

E-building manager
Android application - House & Home

E-building manager is an application, part of the E-Manager project, intended for the owners of flats for faster and better quality mutual communication and communication with the building manager. This application allows every owner of the flat that is included in the system a quick and direct access to various information regarding his building through the mobile application

E-community warden
Android & iOS - House & Home

E-community warden is an application that allows citizens to submit complaints and other issues directly to the communal department of your city. In a simple way, the citizens can, through the application, alert and inform local authorities about the observed shortcomings in their city. Each objection is documented with a photograph attached from the current location and the exact GEO coordinates of the location.