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Mobile application for risk prediction

MDSS - mob. app
The basic information

The mobile application is designed as a support to determine the risk of the disease based on the user's personal data entered. The application supports the assessment of the risks for diseases that are most common diseases of today's life.
In order to provide a risk assessment service, the application supports four languages in which a user can conduct a prediction. The risk assessment is based on the use of standard medical risk assessment methods and machine learning methods in the field of artificial intelligence. The mob. application and MDSS are use developed diseases prediction methods which are a result of the conducted scientific research.
An application based on a conducted risk assessment, gives users the ability, after app upgrading, insight into a detailed analysis of the risk assessment results. On the base of assessed result, the app presents the proposal of nutrition weekly menu for the selected disease.
For each specific disease, a special nutrition menu was created based on the proposals of nutrition experts. The user is provided with an overview of the weekly detail menu especially adapted for a particular disease. For every day of the week, a complete nutrition menu was presented. During the preparation of a nutritional balanced weekly menu, we have guided to the care of the modern standards that are adapted to the character of the disease.

A mobile app offers the user the following options:
  • Selection one of the four languages that are supported in the mobile app,
  • A risk assessment for the selected disease,
  • Overview of detailed diagnosis and analysis of the performed risk assessment,
  • A review of the weekly nutrition complete menu for each disease that is supported in the app,
  • Overview of information about project,
  • Sending a query to the author of the project.

A looks of mobile application

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